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Entry #34


2018-01-21 15:17:10 by Fabulous-fishstick42

I'm bored someone please help.


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2018-01-21 17:32:11

I don't know what you do for fun. I watch history about video games on Youtube and then I play video games. Sometimes, I reverse the order, but, either way, video games. Oh, and animanimay or "Japanimations", as all you 4kids call it.

I just got home from work, so I'm too exhausted to properly think at the moment, but you're welcome to some of the hot dogs and iced tea in the kitchen. I could prepare baked beans and macaroni, if you want. I got Coraline and The Labyrinth on DVD. That could kill some time until our inevitable deaths, I suppose. Outside of all that, I don't know what to type. I tried, not really, and yawned a bunch while listening to parody music from SilvaGunner/GilvaSunner, because I'm trash like that.